Mary's Place, Minneapolis MN.
 Mary's Place is a family shelter located just outside the gates of The Minnesota Twins Target Field.
The beautiful complex was born out of love, compassion and concern for women and children in poverty. It was built entirely with private donations. Comprised of over 92  apartments, Mary's Place can house more then 500 individuals in need at any given time.
The facility has been established by an astounding woman named Mary Jo Copeland.  The people on the streets of Minneapolis call her their "street mother." City officials call her "an extraordinary leader" and an "urban saint." But Mary Jo Copeland, the founder and director of Sharing and Caring Hands, is not looking for praise. She knows from experience what it is to live in poverty and brokenness and she is striving to make the world a better place for the poor today.
In addition to providing shelter for those in need, Mary Jo also provides a clinic with free medical care, dental care, bus tickets, clothing, food, education and goal setting, a money savings plan, and sheer hope.
The Pitch In Foundation along with assistance from The Minnesota Twins, The Wives Organization, Best Buy, New Balance, Pangea Brands, and Treasure Island Resort and Casino were able to provide a special contribution to Mary's Place.  Collectively the foundation was able to give the 350 children of the shelter New Balance sneakers, clothing, undergarments, more then 2000 diapers, and gift bags filled with Twins hats, hankies, baseball cards, and ear buds.  In addition the children were able to meet Carl and receive an autographed photo before enjoying a Minnesota Twins game.